“Over the last two years Bridget Lyon has made an invaluable contribution to the creative outcome of Studio’s documentary pieces. Bridget is an excellent editor who takes direction well and is capable of working to a detailed script, delivering workloads by the deadline and going the extra mile to ensure quality. However, when she is given the freedom to immerse herself in a project and really explore the content, the results are purely magic. She is a master storyteller with the sensitivity and insight to discover the absolute best aspects of a production and the ability to enhance the drama without compromising the integrity of the story. There are a lot of people who can edit, but Bridget is a true editor.”

Damian McDermott – Senior Producer STUDIO/World Movies 

Bridget is an incredibly gifted and reliable editor. She cuts with cinematic flair that I’ve seldom seen while maintaining solid, methodical professionalism. Her communication skills, workflow management and pragmatism under pressure have been honed with with a wealth of experience. Yet still she brings a freshness and ‘heart’ to everything she cuts. I’ve worked with genius editors and I’ve worked with reliable, technical editors – Bridget is both. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Tom Reilly – Director ‘Street Hospital’

“Cup of Dreams has probably been the most ambitious project I’ve ever attempted. The goal of my documentary was to organically interweave a very personal story about my broken family with an overarching narrative about New Zealand’s national Rugby team the All Blacks and their quest to win a seemingly impossible World Cup. No easy feat to make those two strands resonate together. To come close to pulling it off I recognised the importance of contrasting the personal with the global to illustrate how uniquely private emotions can fuel a national obsession. I’m proud of the outcome, and the effectiveness of the film owes so much to the skill and dedication of my editor Bridget Lyon. Working indefatigably through a great deal of footage and over an equally vast time period, she has played an integral role in realising the subtle dynamics of Cup of Dreams, combining an innate sense of character and drama with fine technical skills. She is a well-balanced editor with an incredible eye for story. I’d consider myself fortunate to work with her again.”

Julian Shaw – Writer/Director ‘Cup of Dreams’

STUDIO Head of Arts & Production Reference